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The international award-winning Majestic Salon & Spa at Caranzalem, Panaji, Goa is a serene haven of wellness and beauty that immediately puts guests in a relaxed state of mind. The handpicked and extensively-researched treatments are designed for jet-lagged and weary travellers to unwind, both physically and mentally. Expect lush secrets from traditional Indian therapies, offered by our meticulously-trained therapists. Majestic brings luxury beauty services with professional stylists and therapists for you to indulge in a soothing ambience. Soothe your senses, pamper your body and indulge your soul at Majestic Salon & Spa.

Body Spa & Therapies in Goa

A spa therapy detoxifies the skin, opens up clogged pores and offers the perfect way to relax your body, mind and soul. Here are different types of spa therapies to de-stress your mind and the body.

Pamper yourself therapy

Majestic Signature Body SPA – Warm water, or hydro therapy can promote relaxation, pain relief and improved sleep habits as the heat, buoyancy and massage work together to clear your mind, reduce stress and soothe overworked muscles. Combined with skin dead cell removal, body massage, warm shower and moisturizing lotion.

Scrub of your choice

Premium body scrubs made from pure ingredients like chocolate, honey, olive oil, yogurts, essential oils, oats, coffee, red wine and others that are completely organic and do not contain chemicals or preservatives. They have antioxidant properties to help fight free radicals and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, soft and glowing. Usually, this therapy lasts about 180 minutes.

Aromatique body bliss massage

This 60-minute gentle massage treatment uses the properties of natural aromatic oils carefully blended to harmonise and balance the four elements in the body and bring it back into a state of equilibrium.

Deep pore cleansing facial

This basic facial, lasting about 60 minutes, cleanses, rehydrates and rejuvenates the skin making it clearer, softer and more glowing. This purifying treatment consists of steaming, exfoliation, and an intense deep cleansing of clogged pores. A basic skin cleanser, toner and cream are used, followed by a mask.

Sports massage

Oil massage with body stretching encourages relaxation. This therapy is geared towards Sportspersons of every kind, from world-class professionals to regular gym users to weekend joggers. It focuses on areas of the body which are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. It helps to manage pain and injuries, improve flexibility and endurance, relax muscles, reduce fatigue and relieve stress. This therapy lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Thai oil therapy

Takes about 2 hours, this is the most rejuvenating therapy of all. The therapist starts with traditional Thai massage which is a dry massage, they warm up your body by giving lots of stretches and once it’s over they start with another oil based massage according to your choice of pressure you can choose which one to go for. The therapy ends with a steam and shower.

Traditional Thai massage

This 60-minute massage focuses on stretching the muscles and stimulating the natural flow of ‘sen sib’ or ten energy lines without creating any pain or discomfort while promoting a feeling of deep relaxation. Combined with the application of herbal balm on the body, this therapy will encourage the body’s ability to restore itself according to the principles of traditional Thai healing therapy.

Deep tissue massage

This massage therapy focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is helpful for chronic tensions in areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders. The strokes are used as classic massage therapy, with slower movements and deeper pressure concentrating on areas of tension and pain. This therapy takes about 60 minutes.

Steam bath

The steam helps relax stiff joints and muscles. Steam also helps cleanse your skin, boost your immune system, and helps remove toxins.


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