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5 Biggest Brands In The Natural Hair Industry Today

Just like luxury skincare, there are many premium hair brands on the market that are seriously worth their high price. Formulated with the finest ingredients and utilising the latest technology in the industry, they make a real difference to the health, shine and volume of your hair.

From experience, when leaving the hair salon, our hair has never looked better. Now, it does come down to the time they spend blow drying and styling, but that shine and vibrancy absolutely comes down to the products used. When worked and massaged into the hair properly, their countless nutrients and beneficial ingredients give our hair that incredible radiance and weightless feel we all crave.

Our Favourite Luxury Hair Brands

Whether you are looking for luxury natural alternatives to your regular hair products, or the best technology in the industry, Lookfantastic has it covered with a great range of premium hair brands.

Some of the prominent players in the natural hair care product market include:

  • Procter & Gamble
  • NatureLab Tokyo
  • Estee Lauder
  • Mama Earth
  • St. Botanica
  • Bollati
  • John Master Organics
  • Phyto Botanical Power
  • Amazon Beauty Inc.
  • Organic Harvest

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